A little about me

This is a relaunch of Developing Education, a site that has had several incarnations over the past 10 years. You might recall posts from me years ago at the now closed mrkeenan.com, or the previous version of this site www.developingeducation.ca. It is there that I completed my original research in educational technology. Over the coming weeks I will be pulling much of this data off of internet archives and my own backups to re-post it here so it is once again available to the educators I have presented to and who have asked for it. All posts are chronological, so look ‘below’ this post for my older content. However, my main focus now is moving forward.

My role now is education has changed since the last version of this site was up. I am now an administrator (assistant principal) in a K-12 school in rural Alberta. We have a small school population, some technology pressure points, but mainly a group of teachers that are starting to do some great things with technology and innovative learning. Really, this site is going to be one of inspiration, sharing successes, and for me to share my visions regarding teaching and learning. I will grow with you on here, answer questions, and ultimately share what I am learning about this wonderful profession. So I’m excited to be back, and to relaunch Developing Education, don’t be shy to say hi! Tweet me here.

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