About Me


My Background

I am an Assistant Principal working in the amazing Rocky View School Division. For the past decade (or so) I have been worked in various roles within schools. As a High School English teacher I won several technology innovation grants, allowing me to initiate pilots working 1-1 with iPods, then iPads and finally researching immersive 3D learning environments. As part of these projects, I founded my first blog at mrkeenan.com to highlight the learning and research I was engaged in, eventually leveraging it into part of my Masters research and into a school-wide mentorship program. My website was re-visioned as developingeducation.ca as part of my transition into speaking internationally at various educational technology conferences and teacher's conventions. Before my transition into administration, I worked as a Grade 4 teacher, supporting my school in the transition to iPad use in the elementary setting. Currently, I am an Assistant Principal at a K-12 school (and three Hutterite Colony Schools) developing a staff mentorship program and supporting all learners in our school.

iPad Lessons

Driven to Learn

I am a lifelong learner engaged in the challenge of improving education and supporting learners in the 21st Century. There is a great deal of great information out there, but also some misconceptions about what works, what doesn't, and how exactly to tell. We are all learning together, and it is my hope that you find my thoughts and resources useful, thoughtful and generally based on the best information I can find. Mainly, I want to engage in discussion about teaching and learning, which is a good part of what I do in my role every day, so feel free to join the conversation!

Next Steps...

I have always found that it is the conversations in education that mean more than anything. Be they with a student, teacher or parent, we are only fulfilling our role as educators when there is personalization and involvement in learning. So reach out using one of the links below and make a connection.