What’s pulled me back to school this year?

I am very excited about the new school year, we left off at the end of June with some great developments. We have a number of new teachers starting at our school this year, we are going into year two of our teacher mentorship program, our school addition is complete and we will be bringing it online with some innovative uses in the coming months, this is in addition to the simply amazing things some of our existing teachers are engaged in doing for and with our students.

But these aren’t the reasons I am chomping at the bit to get back to school. As an Assistant Principal I have spent the last two years learning my new role and developing myself to be the best support I can be for the community I serve. This year, I am focused more on bringing new things to the school and raising up the initiatives that our teachers and students want to pursue. With a number of pieces in place, I feel ready to develop the leadership in the school for the benefit of our community.

I love education and my position not for the multitude of ways I am able to support everyone in our school, and that makes going back a pleasure every fall.

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